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Dr. Jesse Martin Shackelford, MD
Born December 7, 1869
Died October 2, 1941

Dr. Shackelford was born and reared in Irisburg, Virginia, the son of William George and Pattie Martin Shackelford, a direct descendent of General Joseph Martin.

He was educated in the public schools of his community and then attended Virginia Polytechnic Institute at Blacksburg, later preparing for the practice of medicine at the Baltimore Medical College.

Upon completing his degree in medicine, Dr. Shackelford returned to his native community to practice medicine.  He bought property in Irisburg and built a home, a wing of which was used as a hospital from 1895 to 1899.

Five years later, he moved to Martinsville where he remained.  On April 29, 1921, Dr. Shackelford purchased the Teague residence on Church Street and created a hospital there.  The Shackelford Hospital was established in 1921.

“A great humanitarian, surgeon and humorist.”

Dr. Jesse Shackelford originated the Hospital Association of Virginia and also started the Henry County Medical Society.

Dr. Shackelford married Fannie Gardner Armstrong, born July 2, 1869 and died February 26, 1937. 


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